BOLD... yet refined.
Licorice Sugar-Free Pastilles

Sugar Free

No Fat

Natural Fruit Flavor

Natural Color

Tooth Friendly

Exceptional Licorice Taste

Incredibly Long-Lasting Flavor

"A couple weeks ago I saw theses Sugar Free Licorette Pastilles in the store and I bought a pack. Then another. Then another. NOW I CAN'T STOP POPPING THE DARN THINGS! They're yummy and tingly and freshen my breath and they're ever-so-slightly chewy, but if you just suck 'em they release this mind-searing burst of shiny black flavor". -Anonymous
"Tried Licorette once and have been hooked ever since. Also anyone who tries it also asks me to buy them some. Nice tasting candy, I recommend this product to all." - Dave
"My throat tends to dry out at bedtime, but I've nearly choked to death on cough drops while in the supine position. Enter: Licorette Pastilles. They're the perfect size (jelly bean sized, but flat on one size and slightly rounded on the other) and perfect texture (slightly sticky, not slippery like cough drops, so no choking). They're sugar free (great for enjoying just before falling asleep--no cavities). Oh, did I mention they taste fantastic? The licorice flavor is not overwhelming, nor is it too subtle. It's juuuuuuust right. I jump through major hoops to get these things delivered wherever I am living"